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GLBP Problem between 7200 and VPNC

We are having a problem with GLBP between our 3000 Series VPNC and our 7200 ISP routers.

We have a glbp group specified on our two outside routers. We have a VPNC that point to the VIP address of the GLBP group but it is not working properly. On two different occasion we have noticed all the VPN tunnels that terminate on our VPNC go down . WE then tried to ping the GLBP address from the VPNC only to discover we could not . We then tries to ping one of the real addresses of the interfaces in the GLBP group and could get a response . So the default gateway on the VPNC was changed to one of the real Addresses and full VPN connectivity was restored. We have other GLBP addresses on these routers and they are working fine. so it may be a problem with the VPNC not liking the virtual mac-addresses that it was assigned by GLBP.

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Re: GLBP Problem between 7200 and VPNC

hi lads ,

any ideas on this.


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