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GLBP query

I am trying to test GLBP using a couple of LAN facing routers connected to a single router using E1 serial connections. I have configured GLBP on both LAN interfaces using the 'GLBP 10 IP' command on the primary and the 'GLBP 10 IP' on the scondary. I have also set the 'glbp 10 priority 110' on the primary. When i connect two FTP clients on the LAN side and try to simultaneously pull a file from a demon on the far side using each client i am only getting the bandwidth from of of the WAN links. When i look at the arp map for the two FTP clients the do show different MAC addresses for each default gateway entry (as expected) Has anyone got the load balancing to work correctly, if so what config was used? I am using the default round robin for the balancing.

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Re: GLBP query

When you start two FTP connections, getting files from the remote end it doesn't really matter for performance that your *outbound* traffic is load-balanced.

Is the other end also load-balancing the traffic it is sending to the clients?


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