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GRE Tunnel QoS


I am looking for adding QoS for GRE Tunnel and found this info

Where Do I Apply the Service Policy?

You can apply a service policy to either the tunnel interface or to the underlying physical interface. The decision of where to apply the policy depends on the QoS objectives. It also depends on which header you need to use for classification.

  • Apply the policy to a physical interface and enable qos-preclassify on a tunnel interface when you want to classify packets based on the pre-tunnel header.

In our environment, I am using service policy under serial interface, the source interface of Tunnel is F0/0, so from above info, which interface is "physical interface" for my case, serial or F0/0 ?

Thanks. Leo

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Re: GRE Tunnel QoS


You should determine which one is the physical interface by checking which interface (again, physical) will be used to router GRE packets towards the destination.

For instance, you state that your tunnel configuration is as follows:

interface Tunnel0

ip address

tunnel source FastEthernet0/0

tunnel destination

If the destination ip is routed via your serial interface, then the physical interface that you will use to apply your Output service policy is SerialX/X.

Your setup seems correct. You only need to review if your policies are correctly configured for the pre-gre header or the GRE encapsulated packets (as stated in the documentation


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