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grouping of serial lines?

We have a Cisco 3640 with 12 serial lines in the headquater and 15 Cisco 2620 in the branch offices with one serial line each.

Behind each serial lines are: crypto-device, terminal-adapter, ntba, telephone-network.

Every line of the 3640 has its unique telephone-number.

Now we want to use a telephone system, so that all 2620's can dial in with the same telephone-number.

For that we have to be able to group the serial lines of the 3640 because each 2620 can connect to any line.

Is that possible ?

If yes, what are the keywords to look for in the documentation ?

Or has anyone a "sample configuration" for me ?

thanks in advance,



Re: grouping of serial lines?

Sorry, but I'm not sure if you are wanting data (sync or async) or voice connections. If data, for sync you only need to group all the serial interfaces into a dialer rotary-group, and configure the rotary (dialer) interface. If async data, configure the group-async interface with a range for all the modems.

If voice, please specify.

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Re: grouping of serial lines?

I think your crypto device is a show stopper. Most hardware crypto's are 1-to-1 type, not 1-to-Many, unless you are using the same 'key' (dangerous) on each crypto device. Please look at your crypto documentation before going any further.

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