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Guaranteed bandwidth for an IP address with QoS.

Hi there...

I've got e question about quality of services. I have a network which is connected

to an ISP over a Cisco 2611XM Modular Access Router. The connection speed is 2 mpbs.

In this LAN we have a server, which needs a guaranteed bandwidth of 1 mbps up- and


Is it possible to solve this problem with QoS, based on an IP address of the

server? If yes, can you give me a simple example configuration?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards

Manuel Burki


Re: Guaranteed bandwidth for an IP address with QoS.

What you can do is use LLQ low latency queueing , this will guarentee the bandwidth for the server

access-list 101 permit ip any x.x.x.x

access-list 101 permit ip x.x.x.x any

class guarenteeBW

match access-group 101

policy-map BWguarentee

class guarenteeBW

bandwidth percent 50 (this will assign 50% of the BW)

class class-default


you can also use

policy-map BWguarentee

class guarenteeBW

bandwidth 20 (this will reserve 20K of bandwidth)

class class-default


int s0

service-policy out BWguarentee

service-policy in BWguarentee

You can apply the policy map to wherever you need to guarentee the BW , FE serial etc. This will not be honored by the service provider

Cisco Employee

Re: Guaranteed bandwidth for an IP address with QoS.

Keep in mind that this only guarantees 1Mbps for the server through the 2600. There is no way to guarantee 1Mbps from the Internet via ISP. For example, if a internal user requests enough traffic to oversubscribe your link inbound, the policy will do nothing for you - except choke their return traffic after it hogged your ISP connection. If it's that important you may want to see if the ISP can do some rate limiting on their side of the link toward you. Also you may want to implement an internal Internet access policy discouraging that potential type of behavior.

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