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half-bridging? kinda-sorta working

I have 2 2610 routers in Mexico. One has a serial connection ... the other connects via ethernet to a device supplied by the carrier that supposedly "bridges" to a serial connection. The one with the serial connection is config'd for ppp and "half-bridging" ( ppp bridge ip )

I can telnet router-to-router across the link with no problem. Pings show everything working well. The problem is that I can't seem to be able to route any traffic from the networks on either side of the routers.


Re: half-bridging? kinda-sorta working

There are a couple of things that could be the factor. Make sure that the default gateways are actually pointing to the IP address of the connected interfaces and not just pointing out the local interface. For example the configuration for the default gateway needs to be for one router and for the second router. I have seen in the past where having interface s0 will have issues. The other thing is to make sure that both routers have IP routing turned on. Make sure you actually type IP routing in the command prompt for both routers. I have seen instances where the configuration showed IP routing but for some reason it was not working until I typed it in.

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Re: half-bridging? kinda-sorta working

the routes appear to be correct and I get some useful traceroute info. It seems like "some" data is getting across, but not much. One of the routers ... we'll call it F, is successfully routing data between 2 locations (no half-bridging involved)in addition to this problem location, which we can call V. I am having tremendous success pinging from router F to router V, but very poor results from a catalyst 2924 on the lan at F to router V.

I made sure ip routing was on at location V. I was originally running EIGRP there but now am running statics trying to fix this. The statics are using ip addresses instead of interfaces

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