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hardware issue?software issue ?

i received %CI-2-ENVCRIT: -12 Voltage measured at -6.43 from 7513

here's the show environment output:

WLM-RT7513-01#show environment all

Arbiter type 1, backplane type 7513 (id 2)

Power supply #1 is 1200W AC (id 1), power supply #2 is 1200W AC (id 1)

Active fault conditions: none

Fan transfer point: 1%

Active trip points: none

15 of 15 soft shutdowns remaining before hard shutdown



Dbus slots: XXXXXX

card inlet hotpoint exhaust

RSP(6) -117C/-17 -113C/-17 -112C/-16

RSP(7) -117C/-17 -114C/-17 -112C/-16

Shutdown temperature source is 'hotpoint' on RSP(6), requested RSP(6)

+12V measured at 6.50

+5V measured at 2.75

-12V measured at -6.53

+24V measured at 12.83

+2.5 reference is 1.32

PS1 +5V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 200 A)

PS1 +12V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 35 A)

PS1 -12V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 3 A)

PS1 output is 0 W

PS2 +5V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 200 A)

PS2 +12V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 35 A)

PS2 -12V Current measured at 0.00 A (capacity 3 A)

PS2 output is 0 W

WLM-RT7513-01#show environment last

RSP(6) Inlet previously measured at -117C/-178F

RSP(6) Hotpoint previously measured at -114C/-173F

RSP(6) Exhaust previously measured at -112C/-169F

RSP(7) Inlet previously measured at -117C/-178F

RSP(7) Hotpoint previously measured at -114C/-173F

RSP(7) Exhaust previously measured at -112C/-169F

+12 Voltage previously measured at 6.46

+5 Voltage previously measured at 2.73

-12 Voltage previously measured at -6.48

+24 Voltage previously measured at 12.73

WLM-RT7513-01#show environment table

Sample Point LowCritical LowWarning HighWarning HighCritical

RSP(6) Inlet 44C/111F 50C/122F

RSP(6) Hotpoint 54C/129F 60C/140F

RSP(6) Exhaust

RSP(7) Inlet 44C/111F 50C/122F

RSP(7) Hotpoint 54C/129F 60C/140F

RSP(7) Exhaust

+12 Voltage 10.90 11.61 12.82 13.38

+5 Voltage 4.61 4.94 5.46 5.70

-12 Voltage -10.15 -10.76 -13.25 -13.86

+24 Voltage 20.38 21.51 26.42 27.65

2.5 Reference 2.43 2.51

Shutdown boards at 70C/158F

Shutdown power supplies at 76C/168F

Restart after shutdown below 40C/104F

show version output:

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software

IOS (tm) RSP Software (RSP-JSV-M), Version 12.2(8)T10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

hardware issue?software issue ?

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Re: hardware issue?software issue ?

Hi, Have u recently upgraded any hardware or software in 7513?

If yes, you can do one thing...just power off the router and remove the RAM as well as Flash.Incest it again.And power on the router now.

If you have upgrade the software, might be you need to upgrade bootstrap image in the particular router.

Advice , do it at your own risk.



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