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Hardware problem on 2924XL-M annuls redundancy

The past year I have had 3 Catalyst 2924XL-M failures. All the failures have occured in such a way that the devices connected to the failed switch still receive a linkbeat, so they still think the switch is functional. However, all layer 2 forwarding on the switch ceases. Powering off the switch allows the redundancy of the network to kick in and everything is fine. Rebooting the failed switch will allow it to function again for a few hours but the problem just reoccurs. So what I end up with a redundant network that gets crippled by a partial switch failure.

So I have two questions: First, why is this happening so often on the 2924XL-M's? 3 separate switch failures in a year seems a little high to me. Is there some sort of known hardware problems with that model?

Second, is there some sort of way to prevent this partial failure from screwing up an otherwise redundant network.

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Re: Hardware problem on 2924XL-M annuls redundancy

same here !! i've logged this complaint in this forum, on 3-4 occasions, but to get nothing. You can guess how crucial it is for me as i've got 16, 2924-M-XL-EN and every one of them is installed in production env. the failure rate is atleast 3 switches in every 2 month!! and i think our days with this customer is over as he wants us to roll back all those 2924s and replace them with some other model. (even cheap non ciscos are working fine)

plz plz plz do something.



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Re: Hardware problem on 2924XL-M annuls redundancy

Cisco had identified a component problem in certain model of switches. The models you have mentioned above seems to fall in the list.

Plz have a look at it.

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