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New Member

Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris


i intend to buy a SunFire V210 with dual Sparc IIIi proc. for a better performance.

Does CW2K support this processors type and what are the common requirements for CW2K on sun hardware?



New Member

Re: Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris

Hello Ben,

here you have the requierements for the last LMS version (2.2):

Component Minimum Requirement


One of the following1:


Sun UltraSPARC III (Sun Blade 1000 Workstation or Sun Fire 280R Workgroup Server)

Dual processor required for hosting multiple management solutions

CD-ROM drive

Color monitor with video card capable of 256 colors or more

10BaseT or faster (10 Mbps or faster network connection)


One of the following3:

For UltraSPARC II: Solaris 2.7 or 2.8

For UltraSPARC III: Solaris 2.8

Available memory (RAM)

One of the following:

For UltraSPARC II: 1 GB RAM minimum

For UltraSPARC III Workstation: 1 GB RAM minimum

For UltraSPARC III Server: 2 GB RAM minimum

8 MB E-cache

Available disk space

One of the following:

For UltraSPARC II: 9 GB, with 2 GB swap space

For UltraSPARC III Workstation: 40 GB internal FC-AL disk drive

For UltraSPARC III Server: Dual 40 GB internal FC-AL disk drives

UNIX file system recommended4

1A Sun UltraSPARC II running Solaris 2.7 or 2.8 is the minimum recommended hardware configuration. If you plan to manage a network with more than 500 devices, or run other management solutions on the same server, an UltraSPARC III running Solaris 2.8 is strongly recommended.

2LAN Management Solution 2.2 supports only the US English and Japanese versions of these operating systems. It does not support any other language versions. Set the default locale to US-English for the US-English version and Japanese for the Japanese version.

3Install Solaris patches, as required, for the Solaris version you are using. See the "Solaris Patches for LAN Management Solution" section.

4To verify the file system: Enter df -k at the command prompt.


New Member

Re: Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris

Thanks Ruben,

your list is very useful for me. But do you know difference between sparc III and IIIi proc. and runs CW2K on a IIIi too? The sun fire 210 is only delivered with a sparc IIIi.


New Member

Re: Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris

Hello Ben,

here you have a little comparation between sparcIII and sparcIIIi:

1. Sparc IIIi processors will be comparable (thanks to 1 MB L2 cache) to Sparc

III, for applications which do not require intensive computation processing.

For computation intensive applications like Oracle, Sparc III's external cache

will come in handy. For Weblogic type of applicaiton servers, IIIi could give

85-100% of the performance of III. Actual benchmarking is required to make

final decisions. Sun might relase sun benchmark comparisons this week.

2. Cache is *fuly* used.

*everything* the applications touch, executables and data, are read into cache

before being read by the processor, and

written to the cache before being written to main memory. So unless process

footprint is < 8MB, you're using it all.


High-end Processors (s-Series)


Scales to 106 processors,

Enterprise class RAS

3rd gen 64-bit UltraSPARC processor

Mid-range Processors (i-Series)


Designed for 1-4 way

High throughput

Highly integrated features

And the datasheet for the sparcIIIi:

I think ciscoworks2k would run on it, but i'm not absolutely sure...

If I were you, I would contact Cisco directly and ask them your question.

Best regards,


New Member

Re: Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris

Hi Ben,

I have the same consern my self, so I took the chance to ask you if you have found an answer :).

Have you implemented CW2k/Solaris on a v210 or v240 server and how many routers/switches are you monitoring?

I would appreciate any feedback.


George Georgiou

Best Regards,

George Georgiou

Systems Engineer

SpiderNet Services Ltd.



Tel: +357 22 844 844

Fax: +357 22 669 470

New Member

Re: Hardware Requirements CW2K on Solaris

Hi George,

our two sun fire v240 manage about 300 elements with cw2k,ed4.

It was a big performance gain - before we used three ultra 10.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,


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