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Have routers to play with


I have 2 extra 2620 routers, a hub or two, and two or so workstations I can play around with at my office. Anyone have any idea what I can do?

I already extablished connectivity between the two routers via their aux ports.



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Re: Have routers to play with

Since this is for learning, find out the capabilities of the 2620 and determine your configuration options. Using the aux ports is a good example of exploring alternatives. Try working with some different images and do some basic monitoring. Control lists can be interesting. With a small network, you may not be able to enjoy seeing the impact to traffic from changes but you can become familiar with working with various protocols. Cisco's site is rich in documentation but you'll have to do some mining to find relevant info. Enjoy.

Cisco Employee

Re: Have routers to play with

not sure what is your goal. If you could tell us more.

With 2 routers you can already do a lot.

Configure a routing protocol (rip,ospf,bgp, ...)

Configure an ipsec tunnel.

configure GRE tunnel.

ACL, CBAC, ...

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Re: Have routers to play with

If you are new to networking, you can learn many basic things. In fact I started learining Cisco technology with two 2500 routers.

Get to know the command line interfaces and EXEC modes

Configure various router security stuff like line password, enable passwords etc. Do a password recovery practise.

Learn basic IP routing protocol configurations

Look at some debug messages (debug ip packet)

Study the config register values.

Study and configure PPP

and many more....

Have fun,


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Re: Have routers to play with

Thanks for all the replies!

I'm going to have fun with these little buggers....It's not everyday you have routers sitting at your desk at your disposal :)

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Re: Have routers to play with

well there´s a lot to be done,you could just get

some config. examples from cisco and get going..

you could configure a frame relay lab..that´s

very common,and it´s a good CCNA practice

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Re: Have routers to play with

I noticed you said you connected the 2 routers via their AUX ports. I have a 2516 & 2524 and I'm trying to connect them together. The serial ports are different. Is it possible to connect these routers via AUX also? Here is an image of my routers.[img][/img]


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Re: Have routers to play with

You can get a 5 in one serial card for the 2524 and then get a crossover DTE DCE cable to connect the two also..

or just use a Xover ethernet cable..

You can connect via AUX but it slow and if you are doing CCNA stuff the serial is the way to go..

You can to DDR usng the aux

The module you have is probably a 2 wire or 4 wire module and AFAIK you cannot hook them up.

Maybe you could but you would need 2 CSU DSU to Demux out of the 2524 then mux back into the 2516 and it would be a pain.

look for the 5 in one module you can get then used for about $125 150 and that has the DB60 that matches the 2516



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