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HELP! (best way to configure HSRP)

I went through several HSRP guide in cisco site,but every guide has different standard.

Can anyone send me a link to the right site in Cisco or any stand config to check out.



Re: HELP! (best way to configure HSRP)

On what type of routers, what type of topology?

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Re: HELP! (best way to configure HSRP)


Its 3640 Router w/ 12.2(5) and 2610 Router w/ 12.0(10) IOS.

This is for data center environment. I have two primary & secondary ethernet coming into my routers.

I have two pix520 ur behind these routers.


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Re: HELP! (best way to configure HSRP)

sounds like you want HSRP runnin on the primary/secondary ethernet interfaces and also on the PIX side.

I'm also assuming that the 3640 is the primary and the 2610 is the standby.

Make sure that the 3640 uses a standby priority greater than 100. use "standby track" on your PIX interfaces to fail over in case one of the primary or secondary ethernet failes, and also use "standby track" on your primary/secondary in case your PIX interface fails.

Make sure that your 2610 is using "standby preempt" so that it can take over during a failure caused by track lowering a priority.

If you should choose to use preempt on the 3640, you may want to add a delay to keep it from flapping if your network starts getting weird.... maybe 60 seconds or so.

Let me know if you have questions.


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Re: HELP! (best way to configure HSRP)

Thank you very much for your help.

I would like to show you the config to make sure that I am doing correctly.

Can I e-mail you ?


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