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help changing and securing different networks.

Hi everybody, Could someone help me with a tricky (for me) network design. Our outsourcing company's network is designed as follows.

T1-->Cisco 2610--> Ethernet Hub--> Cisco PIX 515 --> Ethernet Backbone --> Switch --> 50+ Workstations, 2 DHCP servers, 1 DNS Server

Then there is a company that we do data entry for which is currently using an IBM 3174. Their terminals go through a direct connection to their mainframe and their design is as follows.

T1-->DSC/CSU-->Cisco 2600-->token ring switch-->

IBM 3174 controller-->tokenring MAU-->dumb terminals

Due to the limitations on the 3174, they are transistioning to PCs and terminal services, but want to run on our backbone,(for printing, DHCP, DNS and email services), otherwise static hosts files and additional printers and pcs would have to be acquired. They want security and so do we.

Would it work if we got another cisco pix 515 and switch? Setting up a DMZ? I'm not sure where these would be placed in order to join the 2 different networks to achieve (1) the required access by the data entry users and (2) the best security for both sides. (3) And what firewall rules would have to be in place. Thank you for your time.


Re: help changing and securing different networks.

You can use a model of 2600 series called 2612 which contains both token ring and ethernet interface.Since token ring is not much used I think new PIX does not support token ring. You can use a design where

T1-->cisco 2610 --->PIX---->2612 then two network utilizing the 2610 and the common PIX. May require a fastethernet card for the 2612 to connect it to the PIX for better performance .

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