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Help choosing router and or firewall


I work at a smalll company with now one network connected to the internet with just an DSL modem.

I have been put in charge to change that.

They already bought an soho828 and an pix 506E

So the internet connection goed through the 828.

We want 3 separate networks, an DMZ, office lan, and testing lan.

A way to archief this is bij buying an pix 515E but then u need the unrestricted software to have 4 FE ports and that costs about 8000 euro somwwhat over my butget.

So now i'm thinking bout using the pix 506E behind the 828 and behind the pix an router wicht routes between the 3 different networks and the pix wich is connected to the internet.

Now is my question is this an good solution and witch router should i use to route between 4 ethernet networks??.


Or could i use VLAN's an a router with 2 eth ports so the router routes between the VLAN's?


I hope some one kan help me with this, or knows an other solution.


Stephan Terpstra


Re: Help choosing router and or firewall

With just 2 interfaces on 506E, you cannot really achieve the ideal secured network topology as you can seperate the DMZ from your internal network. Although you can manage to keep the other networks behind the PIX, I guess the DMZ should be attached to the PIX directly and for this you will need atleast 3 i/f.

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