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New Member

HELP!! - Cisco router + w2k server (RRAS,RIP). Clients cant see Internet.

I have a W2k Server with RRAS and RIP behind a CISCO router with NAT which is the gateway to the Internet.

The clients in the internal network can ping both the internal interface of the server and the external interface of the server. They can also ping the internal side of the Cisco router, but cannot ping anywhere on the Internet. From the Server I can ping anywhere on the Internet via its external interface to the cisco router.

Is there something I need to on the Cisco router OR W2k server, in order for the ping packets to get back to the clients ?

On my Cisco router I have the following set up:

router rip

version 2

passive-interface Serial0/0.51


no auto-summary

Any more to be done ? I'm guessing that the router doesn't understand the second internal network addresses (ie: routing).

The router has NAT which translates Public IPs to addresses. I have assigned the external interface of the W2k Server with The internal interface of the W2k server has

Internal clients are in the range

The fact that pings are returned through the W2k server kinda suggests to me that the routing from to is fine, but the routing from the Internet back through the network through the w2k server and to is not.

Any ideas ?


New Member

Re: HELP!! - Cisco router + w2k server (RRAS,RIP). Clients cant

Hi Mark:

It might be useful to see the Cisco's configuration and the IP routing table on it. Some questions:

- Can the people on the 10 network ping the serial interface on the router?

- Do you have a default route in the router?

- Do you see the 192 network in the routing table?

With your setup, how are you expecting the router

to learn the 192 network?


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