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Help connnecting Dell 5012 to Catalyst 6000 via GBIC

I have a Catalyst 6000 series with a WS-X6K-SUP1-2GE supervisor module. I has 2 Cisco 1000BaseSX GBICs. I want to uplink this to a Dell 5012 gigabit switch to create a copper Gigabit ethernet network segment. We have a simple 50-user 100-baseT Windows 2000 single domain with an auxiliary LAN running VoIP with a Cisco CallManager/Unity system.

My problem is establishing the physical link on the supervisor module. I have ensured the relevant GBIC port is enabled, disable negotiation on the GBIC port of the Catalyst (As advised by Dell support), tried switching the GBICs themselves, tried using the spare Cisco GBIC in the Dell instead of the Nortel one supplied by Dell (Both are 1000BaseSX), defaulted the Dell switch and reset the Catalyst.

None of this has worked. I cannot get the link light to light up on the Catalyst. At the Dell end the link light comes on as soon as a GBIC is inserted, so this gives me no information. I'd appreciate any other suggestions to get this link working.

Thanks very much

Daniel S.

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Re: Help connnecting Dell 5012 to Catalyst 6000 via GBIC

The light on our switchport will not go green until the link comes up. Just to make sure the GBICs and the fiber are good, configure both uplinks on the Sup to be in the same VLAN and connect port 1/1 to 1/2 and see if it comes up. If it, then I suspect some configuration on the server which is causing this. If it does not either the GBIC or the fiber could be bad.

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Re: Help connnecting Dell 5012 to Catalyst 6000 via GBIC

It helps if you know that fiber cables need to be reverse-connected on the GBICs. (In to Out, Out to In).

It's working fine now I figured that out thanks.

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