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help E1

I don't understand something of E1

our company build a SDH network, we provide customer E1/2M leased line service, always we use follow structure :


Router---WIC-1T---protocol tran---SDH Net---protocol tran---wic-1T---Router

as you see, we use WIC-1T card,but now one of our customers have a VWIC-1MFT-E1 card , can we use it?

also I can't understand difference between structured and unstructured E1.

is there some card have E1/2M port,so we can no use protocol tran?

what is difference between DDN 2M and SDH 2M,DDN2M use which type access device, I know 2SDH 2M use 4*2M optical device

thank you for your help

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Re: help E1

as far as i am aware unstructured the circuit has no clock for provided and structured a clock source is


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Re: help E1

I think that structured and unstructured is the same as channelized and unchanelized, channelized is split into 64K Timeslots, these can be varied for Nx64. The Channelized is normally clocked.

Unchannelized is normally a stright 2meg pipe, this is not timed and has no Timeslots, this can be used for passing fixed legth ATM Cells for example.

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