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HELP! Problem of NM-2CE1U! HELP!

There is a cisco 3725 router with a module of NM-2CE1U, and the telecom provides one isdn pri line(the other interface is left unused). When we connected the isdn pri line to one interface of NM-2CE1U and configured the module, the E1 controller and line were not up. The following messages appears in the "show controller e1" EXEC output: "Receiver has loss of frame". But we have configured the e1 controller as framing no-crc4, and we can sure that the standard of local telecom is no-crc4. Therewith we use a NM-1CE1U module instead of the NM-2CE1U. After we used the same configuration to setup the router, the E1 controller and line were up immediately and remote user could dial into. At the moment we consider there is some malfunction of NM-2CE1U module, and then we install a new NM-2CE1U module into the 3725 router. To be perplexed, the same trouble still appears. So we can't diagnose this trouble.

(We have checked the IOS version from the equipment's provider, it's ok)

Hope somebody can give us some suggestions,and thanks for your reply!


Re: HELP! Problem of NM-2CE1U! HELP!

With the same configuration, alarm shows up on the dual port card but not on single port card...have you tried another NM slot on this chassis where these cards are inserted (trying to eliminate a chassis issue)?

Do we see the same problem on both the ports of the 2CE1 card?

Do you have any other chassis (other platform will do) where you can try out of the 2CE1 will be too much of a coincidence that two new cards have the same hardware problem (if any).

Thanks, Mak.

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