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Help urgent CEF/ Firewall / VPN


I have a customer that would like to implement VPN between their office and a remote office ASAP, they just order another t1 to implement CEF(load balance) with 2 t1’s with existing 1720 router, I know that we can do that with this particular router, I was wondering what version of IOS release should be used and what’s the minimum memory needed for this implementation.

They have a 1 WIC-1DSU-T1 DSU\CSU installed, I need to order another one, should that work for me and just upgrade the IOS or do I have to order 2x WIC-1DSU-T1 8/32 VPN/FW/3DES since has a built in Firewall / VPN functionality

Also there is a need of a firewall to be added to the network, the client is a small office and a budget is definitely a plus to consider, can we use this router to function with all 3 options or should we get a separate PIX for the effect.

I am not an expert on PIX / Firewall, so If possible I would like to get ideas or links for the configs to implement all 3 VPN / CEF / Firewall. any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance for any ideas, I am definitely stuck with no answers for my customer.



Re: Help urgent CEF/ Firewall / VPN

12.2(1) supports the feature set 'IP/FW/IDS PLUS IPSEC 56', CEF/dCEF and runs on 1720. It needs 32 Mb RAM and 8 Mb Flash.

Please have a look at 'How to Choose a Cisco IOS. Software Release' at This document will solve a lot of your problems when it comes to figuring out a suitable IOS version.

Some additional info: My search for 1720 with WIC-1DSU-T1, returned the following: 12.0(2)T, 12.0(1)XA, 12.1(1), 12.1(1)T, 12.2(1), 12.2(2)T, 12.2(2)XK, 12.2(8)YJ, 12.2(8)YL, 12.2(8)YM, 12.2(8)YN, 12.3(1).

My search for 1720 with CEF returned over 160 results. You'll need to shortlist the listdepending on feature set you want (IPSec, firewall etc).

12.2(1) figured in both the lists.

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