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help with basic WAN link....

I hope this question is not benieth this forum.. I'm stuck in a bad situation.. My company's router guy is on vacation in the tropics for like 2 months (don't know how he swung that!!).. So my boss gets this great idea that a new WAN link needs to go in NOW! GRRR... So it gets dropped in my lap..

It's a T1 Frame connecting a 192.168.1.x (Site1 router is and a 192.168.2.x (Site2 router is Frame is IPUnumbered. The frame is working fine..I thing the prob is in the static routes.. from Site1 router I can ping Site2 router ( and I can ping a Site2 workstation ( The problem is, from a Site1 workstation ( I cannot ping either the Site2 router ( or a Site2 workstation (

the static route I'm useign is:

ip route 1 permanent


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Re: help with basic WAN link....

ok from your workstation at Site1 ( do a traceroute in MS-Dos and see where it stops, make sure that the workstation has the IP address of the local router as a gateway. Also test this with a second workstation just to make sure it's not an isolated problem, like wrong subnet mask on the workstation or something.

One thing that I would do instead of the route you entered is to do a simple route like this:

ip route S0 (ot whatever serial port you're using to connect to the other site)

Good luck!

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Re: help with basic WAN link....

thx... at least that part works now.... :)

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Re: help with basic WAN link....

I think that the Site 2 router doesn't know about your site 1 network, sine you're not using any routing protocol (you can check this, trying to ping a station on Site 1 network from any workstation on Site 2 network). If you'll try from Site 2 router you'll be surprised to see that it works. Now, I suggest to add a static route on Site 2 router, like:

ip route

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