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Help with CDP


I have a question about CDP. We are converting our routers to a frame to ATM solution. Since we've been cutting them, I noticed CDP no longer works on the serial interfaces (it worked fine on the frame to frame config). I was just curious to see if I am maybe missing something. CDP is enabled on all interfaces and it is sending packets every 60 seconds. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Help with CDP

I can't find any documentation to support it but I have been told a couple of times that CDP does not work with ATM (be it pure ATM or Fratm)

Cisco Employee

Re: Help with CDP

Check and make sure that your switch (providing the interworking function) supports CDP in that mode. The switch might be dropping CDP as unknown protocol

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Re: Help with CDP

CDP requires SNAP Support.

Works in the Datalink layer

media and Protocol Independant

but i am really wondering if it would work in a framerelay setup like FRSWX Switch... to another router cause FRamerelay is a non broadcast medium and CDP uses Multicast address so it wouldnt work

in a framerelay connection..

Pls can anyone who knows well clarify.. i just spoke on what i think is right ! ..


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Re: Help with CDP

Check if the interface supports CDP with (config-if)#cdp enable. If it is not supported you will get:

"% CDP is not supported on this interface, or for this encapsulation"

You can also try and use "sh atm pnni neigh"

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