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Hi ! Mak,thank you! And There is more about BRI.

Hi! Mak

Thank you for your answer first.

Let me make my second question more clear.

Actually, I want to implement a ISDN backup instrastructure to keep

the primary WAN connectivity more reliable and available,to be more

detailed,I want to the BRI dial-up when the primary link fails.So,of course

I have to configure DDR with the dialer profiles,because I want share

the BRI links at the central site to connect multiple branches.My

question is,after configuring the dialer profiles,do I still have to

configure the 'backup interface 10 30' command with the primary

link? will it work as I expected if I don't use this particular command

with the primary interface.

another question is, what do you suggest about the routing?

put the dialer interface into the OSPF area or use floating route?

which one is a better solution? Actually what I worry about is if

the OSPF hello packet will cause the BRI interface keep dial out

at a certain interval,which is not I expect.

Thank you!

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Re: Hi ! Mak,thank you! And There is more about BRI.

Here is a url with more information on setting up dial backup with dialer profiles.

The three steps necessary to configure this are:

Configuring a Dialer Interface (Required)

Configuring a Physical Interface to Function As Backup (Required)

Configuring Interfaces to Use a Backup Interface (Required)

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Re: Hi ! Mak,thank you! And There is more about BRI.

There are many ways yo achive the backup. First you need to see which backup scheme is suitable for your network.

Here is the link which will help you decide that

Based on the scheme you choose, above link does have links for sample config. Above link will also answer your questions about routing protocol vs static routes.

Now to answer your question, Youdo need to use "backup interface .."command with "backup delay x y" if you have decided to use "backup interface .."scheme with dialer profile.

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