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New Member

Hi,What is crash info ?

6509 have a log list below:

00:00:33: %C6K_PLATFORM-5-LESS_SPACE: May not have enough space to save the crash info. on flash of Router on module: 1

My questions:

1.What is crash info ?

2.Why 6509 have start crash info ?

3.Why 6509 reload after appear crash info ?


Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

crashinfo is a file that stores information about a previous crash of the software subsystem in the catalyst (any cisco device in general). This file is stored in flash memory in a catalyst. This file will have information like stack traces, which basically holds the information (will have to decoded to reveal this info), why the switch software crashed. This information is generally useful to a Cisco TAC engineer. You are probably running out of space on your flash chip. Check to see if you have any unwanted files (or multiple files stored in flash). If there are files that are deleted and not yet squeezed, squeeze them and try making up more space.

VIP Purple

Re: Hi,What is crash info ?


obviously the Flash device does not have enough space and crash information might not be saved.

Check for unnecessary files from the Flash device and enter the squeeze command for the device.

I assume your router has crashed ? Can you post the result of the show stacks command ?



New Member

Re: Hi,What is crash info ?


I am think the 6509 hardware have some problems cause software crashed ,And The 6509 native ios version is


------------------ show stacks ------------------

Minimum process stacks:

Free/Size Name

5736/6000 OIR IOS Process

2712/3000 Standby Time

5596/6000 IPC Zone Manager

3536/6000 IPC delayed init

5724/6000 ICC Retry Q

3868/6000 IPC delayed funcs

5632/6000 QM OIR Proc

5636/6000 Draco FIB process

4844/6000 eobc_init_process

3852/6000 ICC Slave Comp. Up

5620/6000 PM MP Process

5428/6000 C6K ENV RP init

3688/6000 SPAN Subsystem

11260/12000 Router Init

5600/12000 Init

3604/6000 CDP Protocol

3744/6000 Draco DFS Port Registation Proc

772/3000 EARL INFO CAPABILITY process


3568/6000 LCC Configure

5240/6000 CEF Reloader

8076/9000 DHCP Client

8756/12000 Virtual Exec

Interrupt level stacks:

Level Called Unused/Size Name

1 432783 7892/9000 Inband Interrupt

2 261697 6360/9000 EOBC Interrupt

3 2130 8492/9000 Management Interrupt

4 3646 8640/9000 Console Uart

5 0 9000/9000 Mistral Error Interrupt

7 526474 8600/9000 NMI Interrupt Handler

Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

A show stacks decode using Output Interpreter doesnt reveal any sign of a crash. Give a show flash or show bootflash and see if you have any unwanted files (that were deleted but not squeezed). If yes remove them, to make up more space in flash.

New Member

Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

Hi,I have a question ,if flash or bootflash no more space ,

Then 6509 would reboot itself frequency ?


Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

No, running out of bootflash shouldn't make the router crash. But it will keep the router from writing a crashinfo file, which would help TAC determine the cause of the crash in the first place.



New Member

Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

Hi,Thanks.But I cann't open tac with cisco,Can you help me ?



Re: Hi,What is crash info ?

Can you post a show stack?



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