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High Bandwidth Utilization


I am very new in the disscussion arena so please forgive me for my small and sily questions.

Now let me explain the problem,we have one leased line 256k and it has been using very heavily from last three day's and I am not able to trace the reason why the utilization is very high.

on cisco router how can I know the bandwidth utilization ??

Thanks & Regards


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Re: High Bandwidth Utilization

hi Sukrut,

Either you can telnet to your router & then "show interface" command for the bandwidth utilisation.

You can also use tool like MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Graph) to check the BW utilisation.

Pls. check the Local network first & try to find out why there is very heavy traffic on your link? Virus ... etc...

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Re: High Bandwidth Utilization

If your platform supports it you might want to enable cache flow on the interface, in that case you would be able to see from who the traffic is and what port it is using.

But do keep in mind that enabling cache flow on a allready highly utilized router can mean performance decrease.

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Re: High Bandwidth Utilization

I agree with one of the upper posts. MRTG is a great bandwidth graphing utility. Any SNMP monitoring application will achieve this functionality though.

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Re: High Bandwidth Utilization

Using snmp will show utilisation, but my question to the topic starter is.

Do you want to sort out the incident or do you want to be able to monitor bandwith to prevent these incidents from happening.

snmp will do the job perfectly for the proactive part but you will still need to find out the reasean for witch you could use cache flow.

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