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High CPU utilization and IP Input Process

My Router CPU is showing high CPU utilization and when I check " show process cpu" I see IP Input process is utilizing high CPU. I have enabled " ip route-cache" on all the interfaces but still the process is utilizing high CPU and total CPU utilization is also high as before.

My Router is 7206 VXR with 126 Mb RAM. The router processes an input and output traffic in tune to 25-40 mbps at peak times.

How do I check the problem and rectify it?


Re: High CPU utilization and IP Input Process

There are many reasons why this may happen. Please check

the following page :

Whatever the reason for high CPU utilization in the IP Input process, the source of the problem can be tracked down by debugging IP packets. Since the CPU utilization is already high,

the debugging has to be done with extreme caution. Debugging produces lots of messages, so only logging buffered should be configured. Logging to a console raises unnecessary

interrupts to the CPU and thus increases the CPU utilization. Logging to a host (or monitor logging) generates additional traffic on interfaces. Debugging can be started by issuing the

"debug ip packet detail" exec command. The debugging session shouldn't last longer than 3-5 seconds. Debugging messages are written in the logging buffer.

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