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high voltage on t1


I have cisco 2600 router with two t1 from single provider.

One of t1 provider's tech called and told me that my router is sending high voltage....

Does this make sense? Do i have faulty interface??

Thank you


Re: high voltage on t1

I would guess that whatever equipment you have plugged into the T1 could potentially be doing that, but if you're not running a T1 with an integrated DSU (WIC-1DSU-T1?), I would suspect the external equipment.

I'm a bit curious though, the way you phrased it made me think that this is two T1's from the same internet provider. If so, who was it that called you? The internet provider or the local telco? I would think that if the internet provider called you, that he/she should call whoever provided their local loop, the odds of your equipment putting voltage on the line that would reach a provider at the other end are pretty much nil IMO. It would probably go through several fiber-optic lines before it reached the end.

However, if it was the provider of your local loop, you should coordinate with them to figure out what the problem is. Does it exist on both T1's, or just one?

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Re: high voltage on t1

are you sure it wasnt an april fool joke ?


Re: high voltage on t1

The only time I have seen problems like this is when you have a bad ground with your equipment which can lead to a 50+ voltage on the line. One way to check is to use a power meter on the cable to ground. Or grap an o-scope and look at the signal coming out of your equipment, you will the smaller 3 volt T1 signal and the 50 AC wave on top of that. Just one thing to check.

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