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How can i implement PQ on frame-relay subinterface ?

How can i implement PQ on frame-relay subinterface ?By using frame-relay map or using by directly using priority group on subinterface?

Do all these two methods work?


Re: How can i implement PQ on frame-relay subinterface ?

YOu can implement it in two ways.

Create priority list and apply it using the priority-group command on the main interface. The disadvantage of this approach, is that all the sub interfaces (pvcs) will inherit this priority queueing, as the queue is applied to main interface.

Second method is to apply individually to each subinterface. You dont have a priority-group command directly under a sub interface. SO what you need to do is, to create a MAP-class, using the command,

map-class frame-relay

This command has to be issued in the global config mode.The router prompt will change to (Config-map-class)# mode. In this mode, you can enter the command

(Config-map-class)# frame-relay priority-group

Now apply this map-class to your sub interface using following command.

config-if)#frame-relay class


config-if)#frame-relay interface-dlci


The above two methods are valid and will work. The first method is specific to a subinterface, while the seconds is specific to a dlci. The second method is very useful when you want to use it with a Multipoint interface. In case of a point to point interface, both methods work the same.

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