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How can I slow down the traffic through a (2612) router interface?

We have a Cisco 2612 router that connects a test ethernet (via a hub) to our legacy 16Mbps token-ring backbone which has about 500 users & hosts. Users on the test LAN regularly bring the token-ring to halt by doing apparently straightforward file transfers. These appear to swamp the t/r with so much traffic that it causes other users' response times to go sky-high and their connections to hosts to time-out.

The 2612 has one 10Mbps ethernet interface and one 16Mpbs token-ring i/f.

Is it possible to slow down the throughput on one or the other of the interfaces so they only get (say) 10 percent of the token-ring bandwidth?


Re: How can I slow down the traffic through a (2612) router inte

Reducing the amount of traffic will not help you.

It looks more like there is something misconfigured on your TR network.

As I do not know much about your topology, here are a few hints that might put you on the right track:

Are you bridging or routing traffic through the 2612?

Are all bridge- and ring numbers set correctly?

Did you configure the multiring (protocol) on the TR interface?

It's not a bad idea in this situation to fix the MTU size on the TR interface to 1500 using the interface command: mtu 1500.

Re: How can I slow down the traffic through a (2612) router inte

Leo's post is a good one and worth looking into. In case you still want to try and limit traffic you can use either traffic policing (drops packets) or traffic shaping (queues packets). In your case since it is a test ethernet environment, I would simply use rate-limiting committed access rate (CAR). An example would be "rate-limit input 32000 640000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop". CAR can be applied inbound or outbound on an interface. See link for more details:

Hope it helps.


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