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How do I break into a msfc during boot-up?

After boot-up, Sup mod says that "session 15" is not installed. I need to get into the running-config of the msfc to change the system boot file name. On boot-up, the msfc is trying to boot off a file that no longer exists. So it does not install. I don't care how I get in, I just need to get in!


Re: How do I break into a msfc during boot-up?

Reset module 15 in the CatOS and

do a immediate switch console 15.

Now do a send break at the MSFC console. Change the BOOTLDR to the correct settings, save and reset.

The other method of recovery is given below.

Visit the following page on CCO for

the physical layout of the MSFC

Remove the bootflash from the MSFC and boot the switch. This time you should be

able to get into the MSFC by doing a "switch console". You'll see that the MSFC

is in ROMMON. Type the command "set" and see what the bootvariables point to

rommon 2 > set

PS1=rommon ! >




Now change the bootvariable/Boot loader to nothing and set the Config Register

to 0x0

rommon 2 > BOOT=

rommon 3 > BOOTLDR=

rommon 4 > CONFREG=0x0

Note that the the commands are all upper case. Now type "sync" and then a "reset"

rommon 5 > sync

rommon 6 > reset

System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(3)XE, RELEASE SOFTWARE

Copyright (c) 1998 by cisco Systems, Inc.

Cat6k-MSFC platform with 131072 Kbytes of main memory

Now do a "set" and make sure the changes you have done are there

rommon 1 > set

PS1=rommon ! >




rommon 2 >

Now put back the bootflash on to your MSFC and boot the switch and hopefully

you should be able to do a "switch console" to get into the MSFC

Re: How do I break into a msfc during boot-up?

Instead of typing 'Session 15' to get to the MSFC, type' Switch Console' this will physically attach you to the console port of the MSFC; the same as if the MSFC had a console port and you plugged the console cable in. Once you are in you should be able to access rommom etc.

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