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How do I check ISP bandwidth ?


I'm using a 2600 router. I don't think I'm getting the expected bandwidth from my ISP's. How can I check the bandwidth of a line during a specified time.

Also, in a FR circuit, how can I check the current CIR?

Any simple math that I can do to find out these values?

With much thanx

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Re: How do I check ISP bandwidth ?

Only option to test bandwidth is to download something.

Try to download about 5-10 files at the same time, with big size.

The real speed you will see in 5-10 minutes...

If you start to download more files, and the speed decreases on all early downloads, then you got the speed limit.

About CIR - ask the ISP.

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Re: How do I check ISP bandwidth ?

depending on the LMI type you might be able to see what CIR is configured in their Frame Switch. Use the show frame map command and look for a BW value that is your CIR. Lastly normally you can call a number for your provider and given a cricuit id they can tell you the configured port speed CIR, BC and BE. If you are concerned about the port speed you can alsochec how the CSU/DSU is configred. Look for the number of timeslots it is configured to use.

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