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How do I conenct to a second channel of a BRI instead

I have two routers connected at one site on the same BRI and want to connect to a specific router on this BRI from a different site. When I try to connect to the router, it tries to connect to the first router which is not my router. How do I get to the Second router or how do I use the second channel of the BRI to get to the second router. Both of the sites are in the UK using NET3 and the routers are Cisco 765's. Also is it possible to disable a channel on my Cisco 765 Router.


Re: How do I conenct to a second channel of a BRI instead

You should use msn (multiple subscriber numbers) on the isdn-line. This is a standard feature on Euro ISDN lines. Often, an ISDN line comes with more than one number configured. This should be checked with the provider.

Then you can configure a unique msn number on each router. On IOS routers this is done with the isdn-answer command. This causes the router to only answer calls to the specified number and not any call (the default). The calling router must of course be modified to call the msn number.

I do not know the equivalent command on these ($#@!&*) 700 routers.

This is the way forward though.

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