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How do i Configure ISDN backup for EtherNet0/0 on 3725 Router.

Hi Guys !

I have a Cisco 3725 Router with 2 ethernet interfaces and 4 BRI S/T interfaces. Ethernet0/0 is connected to Internet and Ethernet0/1 is connected to my LAN. I want to configure DDR so that whenever internet link via Ethernet0/0 is down router may automatically establish Backup link via ISDN dialup interface.

Solution, that so far, I have found is " Reliable Static Routing Backup Using Object Tracking " ......but I think this future is not available in 3725 router. Because when I try to configure this future as per directed in the manual, key commands are not availabe in my Router's IOS. My router is using " IOS (tm) 3700 Software (C3725 ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.3(5a), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) "

Please suggess me how do I configure DDR in my network scnario.

Waiting for your Warm & Quick response.


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Re: How do i Configure ISDN backup for EtherNet0/0 on 3725 Route

Pls try using floating static route pointing to BRI interface and default route pointing to Ethernet0/0.

Whenever your Ethernet0/0 goes down, default route will get shift to BRI interface.

This will generate interesting traffic on to BRI interface and BRI will dial and connect to ISP POP.

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