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How do I get cell-frame to work

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with getting a cell-frame link to work. At my head office I have a 3640 router with an ATM interface, and at the branch a 1603R running Frame. I am using British Telecom as my provider who have set up the dlci and vpi/vci information - these are dlci 17 and vpi/vci 1/49. Having followed basic configuration examples from the Cisco support pages I am unable to get any communications between the two routers. BT assure me that their part of the operation is properly set up and active. They have also given me the following information:

PCR = 141kb

CIR = 96kb

SCR/DCR = 96kb

I'm not sure if there is any other information required to set up this type of link. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any good info for setting up a cell frame link?

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Re: How do I get cell-frame to work

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Re: How do I get cell-frame to work

Don't know if any of this is of assistance but a few tips:

- what service interworking have you been sold? SIW-transparent or SIW-translate? Probably SIW-translate for an ATM-frame connection. This being the case check that your ATM router is using AAL5snap or similar. If you and BT are using different SIW types then no traffic will be recognised.

- is LMI enabled on your frame relay router? (helps BT know if your frame relay is up)

That's all I can contribute.. just check out that SIW type with BT.

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