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How to add an allowed vlan to a channel made up of layer 2 trunk ports.

I would like to create a channel from switchports that are configured as trunks and only specific vlans are allowed on the trunks. After the port-channel interface gets dynamically created, should I replicate the "switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-8,14" command from the individual trunk ports to the port-channel interface as well? What happens if I want to allow another vlan, such as 15, on the trunks. Do I add the vlan to the individual trunk ports, to the port-channel, or both?

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Re: How to add an allowed vlan to a channel made up of layer 2 t

Since you've already created a etherchannel on your two physical ports by creating one port-channel port, just add the new vlans to the port-channel. Then the new allowed vlan's will be reflected in the physical port. Do the adding of vlan on the port-channel first, or else your port-channel might go to a suspended state.

switchport trunk allowed vlan add x

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