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How to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric


i just wonder if some of you can help me in this case. I like to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric for a route which is redistributed from an IPX RIP process.

Scenario is as follows:

We have two router connected over a frame relay pvc speaking IPX EIGRP and

we have an ISDN link between these two router for backup. In the backup case IPX EIGRP is also running over the ISDN connection.

Problem is: The metric for redistributed routes is the same over the frame relay and the ISDN link. So, if the frame relay link recovers the router didn't

switch back to frame relay and the ISDN connection will stay up.

To work with a "backup interface" is not an option.

Solution could be to define only IP as interesting traffic but I want to know

if some of you know how the metric calculation for IPX EIGRP routes

exactly works, because I didn't find that on CCO.

Thanks in advance

Ulrich Marzoli

New Member

Re: How to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric

There are too few details in you post....anyway:

you can try to set a lower bandwith on the backup interfaces than on the primary interface.

RIP to EIGRP - The reliability, load, and MTU of the interface the RIP route was received on, plus the IPX ticks converted into tens of microseconds are used as the IPX-EIGRP metric. The RIP hop count and RIP ticks are preserved and passed with the IPX-EIGRP update throughout the network to be used in routing loop detection and for redistribution back into RIP.


New Member

Re: How to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric


to adjust the bandwidth parameter don't work. However, If found what I've needed to know in the Cisco book "EIGRP Network Design Solutions".

I need to adjust the normal link delay parameter and not the "ipx delay" or

"ipy link-delay" because that values are only working with IPXWAN.


Ulrich Marzoli

New Member

Re: How to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric

Keep in mind that to calculate the metric the lowest bandwith on the entire path is used. So you need to configure the bandwith to make the backup path to be lower than the primary path.

New Member

Re: How to adjust an IPX EIGRP metric


you are right. The problem is that during the automatic redistribution between ipx rip and ipx eigrp the minimum bandwitdh is set to 9 kbps. So i have to set the bandwidth parameter below the 9 kbps to get the metric changed.


Ulrich Marzoli

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