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How to change the name of binnary file

Hi people, how can I to change the name of binnary file allocated in flash?

For example, when I gave a show version command in router prompt, it appears a name of system image flash:

System returned to ROM by reload

System image file is "flash:c3640-jk9s-mz.122-8.T5ab.bin

I would like to change the file name to another name, this is possible??


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Re: How to change the name of binnary file

Well i have one way but I will not say it is the most efiecent for the job. I'm not sure why you want to change the image name, as the cisco unix file name is very discriptive of what image you have and the features it will do.

If you copy the current image to your computer via tftp you can reload it ( this will erase the flash) and name the image to anyting you want when it uploads.

If you rename your IOS image the show version command will show the new name. same with the show flash command.

happy routing


Re: How to change the name of binnary file

You could also copy it to the flash with a different filename.

But like gene said, why the need to change the descriptive name? From my experience in support if the image names are non-standard then when someone is troubleshooting your network they may not know what exact code the router is running, etc. For example the filenames on the Cisco CDs are 8.3 format and have very non-descriptive names and you need to search on cisco for awhile to hopefully find a table to decode the 8.3 name into something meaningful.

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