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how to configure a dialer interface for ISDN link

I have a Bri interface at central & 2 remote routers are dialling the same bri port of central router. I want to make dialer interface on all 3 routers.

I configured dialer string,dialer remote-name , dialer pool , on remote routers.

1) Is it necessary to add ppp multilink on remote routers.

2) Also is username and password for chap required for dialer interface since you don't require it for Bri interface.

3)Do I have to define dialer string at both remote and central router.


Re: how to configure a dialer interface for ISDN link

You only need MPPP if you want either of

the remotes to be able to have 2 B

channels up at the same time.

The username command is global, it does

not apply to an interface, and it is required

to accomplish CHAP authentication in

the absense of an external AAA server.

You only have to configure a dialer string

at the box that will be dialing; if a box is

not dialing, the command is not necessary.

Note that you don't have to use dialer

profiles; you can use Legacy DDR.

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