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how to configure a network to access internet using multiple gateways???

hi all

i need help to manage this situation

i have 2 networks:

- net A (10.10.10.x) with 200 pc users

- net B (10.10.11.x) with 6 routers connected to internet using ADSL (i'll call

them "internet routers"

- net A and B are connected using a router 2621, A on F0/0 and B on F0/1

i would like to know if it is possible to use an established internet router for a defined group of users.

the solution i reached is the following.

pc users default gateway will be 2610 F0/0 (

2610 default gateway will be F0/1

on each internet router i will configure an access list to accept only packets coming from an enstablished set of ip addresses.

i this way only a set of user can access to an established "internet router".

all the routers on lan B will be connected using an hub,allowing the broadcast requests coming out from the F0/1 to be received by all of them.

i think this situation should work, but i think that there should be a better solution.

in addition, i will need to put a firewall between F0/1 and lan B

this firewall will be a PC station with a firewall software and 2 eth interfaces.

please let me know any hint.



New Member

Re: how to configure a network to access internet using multiple

I don't know if your solution will work

The ideal solution would be to purchase a load balancer like the Cisco Content Switch

A second idea would be to setup 6 static routes to the internet on the 2610 and let round robin load balancing take effect. This way, each new session should use a different router

New Member

Re: how to configure a network to access internet using multiple

thx for your info,

i don't know about "load balancer", i need to get info about it, but in any case,

i think that using 6 static routes is a very easy way to make it work, really good..

why i don't think about it?

in this way i can't assign a user to a fixed router, but i will get everything faster and easier.

thx a lot

please let me know if there are other solutions.



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