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How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server for dial-out?

I have a Cisco AS5300 Access Server that is currently connecting to two ISDN/23 (under a prime number and within the same hunting group). Remote users can dial into Corporate network without problem.

Now, I plan to let users to dial out via this AS5300 Access Server and those users are using Windows XP workstation. In order to achieve the said purpose,

1. What should I configure on the AS5300 Access Server to support the dial out function?

2. What should I have to configure and install on the user's XP workstation so as to support the dial out via AS5300?

3. Shall I need to install something like modem emulator on the user's XP workstation? If so, what is the suggested modem emulator for XP workstation.

Thanks a lot.


Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

The information you have provided does not talk about how the XP clients are connected to the 5300. If they are connected over a LAN, you will have to configure static routes or a default gateway on the XP machine pointing to the address on the LAN interface of the 5300. You will need to configure static routes on the 5300 also pointing to the dialer interface for reaching networks by dialing out. Check if this doc helps you :

New Member

Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

My XP clients are connected to AS5300 via LAN. Recently, I have searched on net and found Tactical Software's DialOut/EZ that can act as a modem emulator.

Do you have any advice or opinion on DialOut/EZ?


Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

Yes, I do!

First, the Tactical product is the only thing on the market. It is the product that Cisco now recommends (or at least refers you to) for this application (they did have a Dial-out client, but it doesn't work well after NT4 (win2k, XP, ME).

The Tactical DialOut/EZ works great! I use it at home (to a 2600 and external modem) and at work (to an AS5300 using Micas into a PRI).

The home systems are WIN2K and XP, the work system is WIN2k.

I have nothing bad to say about the company or the product. It's worked perfectly for me since Day 1.

For those that aren't familiar with the software, it's for using a "modem pool" - connecting to a bank of modems remotely such that the client thinks the modem is local to the PC (an "asynchronous redirector"). You can do a PPP dial up from your desk through a modem in the computer room (where a Term Server session would be ASCII only, no binary modes). There's an RFC (2217?) that describes the process. Tactical Software uses the RFC standard modes for communicating to the modem pool.

DialOut/EZ creates a logical COM port on the PC (i.e., COM5) to use with the config in Dial Up Networking config. Any traffic sent to that COM5 port will be redirected to the AS5300.

You set the AS5300 up with a Rotary and reference the rotary as the port Id (~3001, ~6001 ...) for the session (i.e., 3001 ... same as reverse telnet).

Go for it.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

Thanks for your information.

With the technical assistance from Tactical Software, I have successfully installed and tested DialOut/EZ on my XP workstation. It also works fine with my XP and AS5300 for dial-out. I need to fine tunning the configuration. May you provide advice this area?

I am currently using CiscoSecure ACS 3.0 as authentication server for existing dial-in (dial in from outside) users, and plan to make use of the same CiscoSecure ACS for dial-out users as well. Therefore, I add the command line "aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local" to my Cisco AS5300. It works fine afterwards, whereas I have following questions:

1. How can I differential dial-in users from dial-out users within CiscoSeucre? That means only designated dial-out users can dial out via AS5300, other CiscoSecure users CANNOT dial out via AS5300.

2. After adding the command "aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local" to AS5300, all my CiscoSecure users can telnet to that AS5300. How can I control only authorized CiscoSecure users(dial-out users and AS5300 administrator) can telnet to that AS5300?

3. Currently, all successful and failed dial-in are logged into CiscoSecure. Can I log the these records for dial-out as well? If so, how to configure the AS5300 or CiscoSecure?


New Member

Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

I'm trying to make working XP workstations with Dialout/EZ connecting to an AS5300 and it,s not working.

Can you tell me which IOS version do you have on the AS5300 and the Mica portware version ?


New Member

Re: How to configure Windows XP client and AS5300 access server

The IOS version of my AS5300 is 12.1(5)T12.

How do I check the mica portware version?

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