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How to create static routes on a 1841

Hi Guys,

how do I create static routes? I mean what are the commands?

I have an 1841 which is up and well. Traffic going to 7 public networks need to be re-routed thru a router located at the DMZ zone which in turn is connected to its own dedicated T1 line

Here are the details:

Vlan 2 (inside zone)

Vlan 3 (dmz zone)

The route command after a "sh run" shows:

ip route FastEthernet0/0

So, what will be the exact command to route all traffic originating on the inside to go to a router wich is now sitting at the DMZ zone (ip address ?

One of the public networks is



Re: How to create static routes on a 1841

you need to route traffic from to a router on the 10.15.40 network?

if this is so, and you have a router connected to both networks, your route would look like:

ip route

if the router is not connected to both networks, then you must set the ip route to point to the closest gateway to your router that has a route to the network.

if this sounds wrong, please show all networks in the topology and the direction of the traffic you need to route.

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Re: How to create static routes on a 1841

all internet traffic goes to ip route 0 0 This is good.

All outbound traffic originating in the and on the subnets go this route.

I want that except for traffic outbound intended for the, I want it to go to a router sitting at

wouldn't "ip route" accomplish this?

let me know


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