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how to dial out e1 channel groups


I have a 3640 router, it has leased lines n a single e1 pri line as backup for leased lines. Its a meashed network of leased lines with all sites connected with atleast 2 mbps pipe. For a single site if all leased lines goes down then it has e1 pri to dial out. Instead of using entire 2 mbps of pri i have now tried grouping it using channel-group command. But I found that the interfaces created act purely as serial interface, it means i cannot associate these interfaces for DDR function. Is there any way to use these groups for dialing out.......thanks in advance



Re: how to dial out e1 channel groups

You are trying to combine two different things

here which is not possible. When you configure

something with channel-group, DDR is out of

the picture. However, in your scenario you

definitely have a solution and that is to use

dialer profiles instead. So you will configure

the whole E1 as pri-group and then you will

create multiple dialer interfaces based on the

number of sites you want to back up and in those dialer profiles you can specify how many

channels worth of bandwidth you want.

Please go to cco/tac and do a search on keyword dialer profiles.


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