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How to forward DNS queries

Is it possible to make router resolve clients DNS queries using DNS server from "ip name-server" line? The only DNS server I have is ISP's one. I don't want to set on Win2K computers IP address of ISP's DNS server. I want to set there IP address of my router instead.

For example, this usefull feature (called "DNS translating") is available in SOHO broadband router SMC7004ABR. I do believe my Cisco 1710 is much better :-) But how can I prove that?

I've searched all forums with keyword "DNS". The only thing I've found is that Cisco IOS cannot cache DNS replies. I don't need any caching. All I want my router to do is to forward UDP 53 requests from my internal clients to the external DNS server and then forward the replies back to my clients.

NAT is used in my environment.

Any suggestions (except using DHCP)?

Thanks in advance for your help,



Re: How to forward DNS queries

For this, you normally configure the DNS-ip on the PC. Then there is no translation needed, it's just IP forwarding. I cannot quite understand why you do not want to do this.

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Re: How to forward DNS queries

Because I've got about 50 PC in my environment. I do not want to go to every PC to change DNS server IP address. It's too much work to do.

At present time all clients use IP address of my SMC7004ABR router as DNS server. In turn SMC7004ABR has IP address of ISP's DNS server. Everything is working fine because router makes DNS translating.

Now I want to replace existing SMC7004ABR router with new Cisco1710. How can I achieve the same functionality?

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Re: How to forward DNS queries

From your answer about 50 clients, I assume that you are using DHCP. Settings are available in just about every DHCP server installation to set the primary and secondary DNS servers. So you only have to make one or two line entries at your server and then all future client dhcp requests will acquire thier IP address as well as the DNS entry.

Hope this helps


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Re: How to forward DNS queries

No, DHCP is not used in my environment. The are some reasons that prevent me implement DHCP on server or on router.

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