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how to implement two default gateway for failure

I Have two gateways to the internet, on separated routers.

These Routers are connected to a FR Cloud, and one of them is the point to multipoint hub of the cloud.

THere is only one subnet along the cloud.

The access routers in the cloud have the default route set statically, and half of them point to one gateway and the other half point to the other gateway.

Since all access routers have connectivity to both gateway routers, I would like to have an option for in case of failure of one Internet link, the routers pointed to that gateway may be able to use the other gateway.

Its not a matter of load balancing, just of redundancy in case of failure, because I need to keep the same separation of gateways and users as in normal operational of both links.

The gateways find their way to the internet pointing their outbound interfaces to their respective PIXs inside interface.

I have two ISP, two perimeter routers, and two PIX, using NAT, with their inside interfaces in different subnets).

Which solution is the best ?

I would like to make changes only at the two gateways.


Re: how to implement two default gateway for failure

configure floating static default routes to your access routers pointing the other gw router w/ higher metric. For the perimeter routers use HSRP w/ two groups so you will be able to use both ISPs and move one to another in case of failure.

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