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New Member

how to make my pc a Cisco TFTP server ?

i searched for the "Cisco TFTP Server" software if there is any ...on the cisco site and i could not find it.

i went to google....and i thought "solarwinds tftp server" would solve my problem of creating a "tftp server" on my PC. but when i started to download a new version of software from cisco-software-center for one of my is not asking me for the tfftp server ? how do i configure the solarwinds "tftp server" to automaticaly be the receipent of all the software downloads from cisco..

basically, i want to keep a copy of all the different ios's, router/switch configs, at a central location a tftp server. i have a home-lab with about 12 different routers/switches...

can anybody help me with this.


Re: how to make my pc a Cisco TFTP server ?

You download the IOS from CCO to the directory you have the TFTP server configured to use, then you use the command:

copy tftp: flash:

on the router to copy the .bin image you downloaded from Cisco to the router.

I think that's what you're asking.

Also, I like this tftp server better than SolarWinds:

It's free and works better.

Cisco stopped production of their TFTP server some time ago.


New Member

Re: how to make my pc a Cisco TFTP server ?


no you misunderstood me...

i am kind of at the first step..of setting or making my pc/laptop a tftp server.

so i was looking for the "tftp server" software itself to download and configure it...

thanks for the info...i did not know that cisco stopped making tftp server ...i could not find that info anywhere...

i am not familiar with the name of your suggested tftp server....when i searched using google..i got solarwinds....saying it is i just downloaded that particular one. but is not allowing me kind of configure it...(assuming there is something to cofigure...after downloading..)

regarding the tftp server url you mentioned....i tried to is very smalll (70k bytes) and when hit downloaded button, it goes like a snap second...but then nothing happens....i don't know if it installed it somehere on my pc or has it failed to messaged of any kind.

are there out any other free tftp servers.?

also, what is so bad or (good if any) about the solarewinds tftp. i just wanted to simply download/upload ..i don't wnat any facy features...or like is workds simply...that shoudl be fine with me... Q: is thre a way to configure "solarwind" tftp server ?

wasn't very obvious to me..

any response would be very appreciative ..thanks

New Member

Re: how to make my pc a Cisco TFTP server ?

There is nothing to configure in SolarWinds, make sure that it is running, a little icon should show up on the task bar and when your are typing in the command Router# tftp blah blah just give it the IP of that PC/laptop you have the server on. It will place the files copied in TFTP- Root directory on c:\ drive. You can change this default location by going into File/Configure. Also, there in Security Tab, you can provide the range of IP to accept the files from.

Hope this helps.

Re: how to make my pc a Cisco TFTP server ?

Hi, I'm using 3Com TFTP server (3CDaemon).

It's free, downloadable from

Works perfectly, under any Windows, user friendly.

Includes also FTP and Syslog server.



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