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How to open CiscoView?

I installed CD One 4th edition (all 3 components) on a Win2k server, and can't find how to open the CiscoView application.

I can get to the main CiscoWorks2000 HTTP desktop, but is there also a non-HTTP application?

In the folder Start -> Programs -> Ciscoworks2000, there are 3 icons:

"Change Integration Options"

"Package Support Updater"

"Uninstall CiscoWorks2000"

Should there be more icons in there?

The instructions "Using CiscoView", say, "When you first open CiscoView, a small window appears, as shown in Figure 3-1." I can't find how to open CiscoView, and haven't seen the window in the screenshot. What am I doing wrong?


Re: How to open CiscoView?

CW2000 (CD-One and Cisco View) are all Web based applications and therefore you will not see any icons under Start->Programs->CW2000 to launch Cisco View or any other components. It's Client/Server based application where you access the application via your web browser. So, in order to access Cisco View, you first need to login to CW2000 Desktop. From the CW2000 Server itself OR from a remote client, open up a web browser (IE 5.5 or Netscape 4.75 and point it to the CW2000 server as http://:1741 and then login. The default login account is admin/admin (all lower case). Once you login to CW2000, goto Device Manager->Cisco View which will launch Cisco View application.

There's a very good self-paced multi-media tutorial available at: which you can download and go through. It will guide you in detail how to use this CD-One/Cisco View application.

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