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How to read the routing table?

Which route for should be used for this entry?

C is directly connected, Ethernet0/0

S [200/0] via

Please note that the static entry is subnetted. I just wanted to know if the specific subnet is prioritzed even it has a larger AD.


Re: How to read the routing table?

If you are using IP classless it will always use the longest match..

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Re: How to read the routing table?

I am using IP classless, what do you mean by longest match? the subnetted one?

If I will use another static entry with a lower administrative distance. Will it be erased from the routing table as soon as gets invalid, thus utilizing the secondary route?

Re: How to read the routing table?

As far as i remember (cisco should verify) when you insert a static it WILL check the next hop address or if pointed to and interface ( if will become "connected").

If you insert a static with lower AD then it will replace the one currently in the routing table, we often use this for redundancy.


ip route 100

ip route 200

the 1st one should be inserted into routing table, if that next hop keels over and dies well presto..:))

Also have a look at your CEF table, that will give you a good indication of how traffic is being switched, we have seen CEF overide a routing table before. Kinda ODD but we have seen it happen..

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