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how to restore our interface?

I have a 3640 ,and have a trouble:

I used the command "show interface s3/6" display


Last input never, output 1d02h, output hang 9w2d "

and used the command "show contro s3/6" display


Transmitter hang count8

Residual indication count0

Bus error count0

Aborted short frames count22

CRC short frames count20829


the modem connected the s3/6 cable could not receive the sign of tx

how to restore the interface and work


Re: how to restore our interface?

Hard to say what is wrong exactly; but for starters a shut/no shut of the interface, or the controller, should clear any problem that may be due to the cisco. If that does not work, then you may have to reload the router. But you may also want to have the telco check the line to ensure it's quality; you could also suspect the modem. If after a shut/no shut, or worst case a reload, check with the telco, try replacing the cable, and if that still doesn't help you may want to open a case with the TAC in case there is bad HW.

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Re: how to restore our interface?



I had to reload the 3640,and the problem disappeared. The "CRC short frames count " is 0 ,the modem received the TD sign.

I don't know if have any way to restore the problem but reload.And reset the counter about the " CRC short frames count " not to reload.

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