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how to show Routing Information Base?


Im trying to find a command to show the Routing Information Base.

I dont mean the BGP one, I mean the full on big one that the routing table is worked out from.

anyone got any ideas?




Re: how to show Routing Information Base?


This will depend on the routing protocol being used. If you are using OSPF, for instance, the command "show ip ospf database" will give you the list of all link state announcements (LSAs) for all areas in which that router lies. Enter the command "show ip ospf database router (router ID)" to see the full content of a router LSA. There are similar commands to see the contents of other types of LSAs. For EIGRP, enter the command "show ip eigrp topology" for the topological database from which EIGRP builds the routing table.

Hope this helps.


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Re: how to show Routing Information Base?

I guess that your talking about RIB as in the BGP database.

In BGP, you have three RIBs, one for each neighbour for recived, one for learned routes and one for those routes you send to the neighbour.

If you activate the command "neighbour x.x.x.x soft-reconfiguration inbound", you let all recived prefix be seen locally in your router. This could be memory intensive on big updates. Then use the command "show ip bgp neighbour x.x.x.x recived-routes" to see all per neighbour.

"show ip bgp" will show the learned

"show ip bgp neighbour x.x.x.x advertised-routes, show the one you send.

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Re: how to show Routing Information Base?

Thanks for your answers guys, but what I was talking about was the Main router Routing Information Base.

In Routers, you normally get a single database with all of the routes that the router knows about. The most trusted routes are then taken out by administrative distance to form the routing table, So the RIB would have routes from all routing protocols, and the routing table would just have the best ones.

It looks like in IOS the RIB has been done away with and the routing processes put the route directly into the routing table, but wont overwrite a route with a better administartive distance. I could still be wrong though - thats just what Ive gleaned from other information sources.



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Re: how to show Routing Information Base?

Okey, then you must talk about "show ip route" command.

This will show you all routes from all routing protocols after the the router makes it decitions for the best routes to prefixes. This command will tell about the RIB that all lookups are done by the routing process.

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Re: how to show Routing Information Base?

sh ip route is your RIB in general

sh ip route ospf is RIB for routes from OSPF

sh ip route ospfv3, ospfv3

sh ip route eigrp, the same, but protocol EIGRP

it was already answered about BGP, but again sh ip bgp, sho ip route bgp etc.

if you need FIB (probably you are asking about RIB to comare with FIB and to see how things goes together ) sh ip cef etc.


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