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HP Vs. Cisco HELP!!

Can someone please explain why I can go and find 24-port 10/100/1000 switches from HP and 3Com at a fraction of the price and I can not touch a Cisco switch at those prices???Why would I choose anything over price in these economic times?? The HP doubles the cisco performance on mpps and backplane capacity. Why is Cisco not responding to this economy and drastically reducing prices so businesses can justify keeping thier products? Sometimes name is not enough. Any advice would be helpful.


Re: HP Vs. Cisco HELP!!

You have kind of answered your own question , Cisco is more of a high end product and if you can find something that has the performance and features and manageability that you need for a lot less then you are left with that decision .

If these tough economic times continue I would think Cisco would have to respond as they get more pressure from the likes of HP , 3Com and even newcomers like Dell . If an equivalent switch from another maker is $2000 less than cisco then you have to make a decision is it worth the name on the front .

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Re: HP Vs. Cisco HELP!!


The managerial costs associated with operating a heterogeneous infrastructure needs to be understood. Is your support staff capable of integrating and troubleshooting multi-vendor products? If you are comparing switch product alternatives, you probably are considering alternatives for router and other periperal networking equipment which offer higher price differentials. Troubleshooting multi-vendor router problems makes dot 1q incompatabilities look like a cake walk. Calculate the total cost of ownership before taking the plunge.

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Re: HP Vs. Cisco HELP!!

I agree with the last poster.  I am in a similar position where cost is starting to weigh heavily on future purchases.  The savings of nearly $20k for purchasing an HP core router over a Cisco is not one to simpy ignore.  However, the managerial costs will over the long run end up costing us more.  All the folks on my team are Cisco trained.  Throwing another vendor into the pot will only complicate matters.  Given the average life expectancy of Cisco equipment I expect this to outlast even the most hardy competitor.  Of course, you will pay for good equipment, but it often pays for itself over time.

I have done enough research and talked to enough peers in similar situations to know that after a couple years, tghey end of ripping out their cheaper models and replace them with Cisco gear.  Given that there are re-sellers on the market such as who can get high-quality equipment for a very competitive price, it quickly becomes clear who is the forerunner.

My 2 cents.

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Re: HP Vs. Cisco HELP!!

Although I'm not the person who makes the decision but the powers-that-be saw that, until recently,  I can still successfully RMA a 1900 or 2900/3500XL switch.  I don't know if you can do the same with HP/3Com, now known as H3.  This demonstration tipped the favour to Cisco.

I have friends who works for HP and they were given an eddict to start selling HP routers and switches to clients.  The clients, in turn told my  friends that if they talk about replacing Cisco kit for HP then the deal (outsourcing contract) is off.

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