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HQ to Branches Office Connectivity Design

Dear All genius,

I want to connect my 5 branches via 5 different ISP. All internet permission will be via HQ router. And also has data connectivity with each branches to HQ. 

What protocols should use for this types of network.


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It seems you are wishing for

It seems you are wishing for tunnels. Thus use any tunneling protocol supported by your equipment. Make sure it can pass particular interconnection (some protocol are incompatible with NAT, some may be blocked by ISP).  Don't forget the protocol overhead (make sure all connection have appropriate bandwidth), take possible packet fragmentation caused by tunnel encapsulation into consideration (especially if interconnects are not 0% packet loss) and QoS issues (if required).

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Thanks Dan,

Thanks Dan,

I am using VXR7200 series router IOS version 15. My problem is how can i pass nat and data network at a time. I guess first need to up GRE tunnel with all branches to HQ then permit nat for this ? If i use different NAT router & tunnel router then what will be my design scenario.

Another thing is i know that it's not good design data network and and internet network in same Tunnel. 



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Sorry, I'm not familiar with

Sorry, I'm not familiar with VXR7200 thus I'm unable to advise you. I hope someone else will help you.

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