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New Member

hsrp and load balance/share?

I am trying to lab up a scenario where I can load balance/share across two routers (for redundancy) connected into an MPLS cloud. Additionally, I have HSRP running between the two (I don't want to use MHSRP because I don't want two gateways on the LAN). There is a direct connection between the routers.

I know I can use statics, however I want all traffic to be able to failover to the remaining link if one goes down, instead of being being blackholed.

| |

| |

Router 1-------Router 2

active standby

I have tried with EIGRP, however I was having trouble with getting a default route injected in (without using statics). These routers will be peering with a switch in the cloud running bgp, so an all bgp option would work too. Is there any way to do this?


Re: hsrp and load balance/share?

You can still do this with static routes. Utlize a "Floating Static Route".

Cisco Employee

Re: hsrp and load balance/share?


when you say 'anyway to do this' is it to send a default in EIGRP or to use BGP instead of EIGRP ? or anything else ?

To loadbalance however the 2 links, you need 2 routes.

To have 2 routes in the routing table, they need to be equal.

So, the first thing is to either use static or eigrp or bgp for BOTH routes.

You can't have a default using static and a default from EIGRP.

To advertise a default in eigrp, you need to use the command 'ip default-network x.x.x.x' where x.x.x.x is a network route advertised via Eigrp, and which is classfull.

ie: but not

For bgp, don't forget the following :

bgp default-information originate

What this command do: BGP will be able to REDISTRIBUTE the Use

redistribute static in your config. Without this command, the default

route is filtered in redistribution.

INow there is one case where this will not work.

If R1 loses its ethernet connection but not the serial, R2 will become the active router, but it won't be able to loadbalance.

The reason is that if R1 learns the default from R2, you can't make R2 learn the same default from R1. And if you put a static on R2 you risk a routing loop or to lose 50% of the traffic.

This is why we created MHSRP which is a better solution.

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